“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life.” – Chicago Tribune
“Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing lasting personal change.” – Ivy Business Journal

I, Jack, will be talking to you from the first person here. I want to be talking to you, as much as possible, as though you were sitting across the table from me or we were talking on the phone and just exploring what it might be like to be in a coaching relationship together. I want to give you enough information that you understand:

1) What is coaching as I, Jack, view it?
2) Why should I hire a coach? What are the benefits to me?
3) Why should I hire you, Jack, instead of all the other coaches out there? So, let’s begin.

Why Hire A Coach? Bottom Line: To get better results, faster, than you would on your own. Working with a talented and compatible coach is a very empowering and unique experience. This is one of the only times and places in your life where you will be working with someone who is completely devoted to helping you achieve your agenda, with complete confidentiality helping you achieve your ideal life…with no hidden agenda of their own. Teachers, friends, lovers, business mentors, all of these and more are valuable sources of support, but they are not the same as a coach.

How does coaching work? Coaching with me starts with a period of self analysis and reflection. You will be asked to get very clear on these questions:
1) What do you want? What are your dreams and passionate desires?
2) Why do you want these things? What are your true and authentic motivations?
3) What actions have you been taking to achieve these goals?
4) What has been working and what has not been working?
5) What do you believe are your biggest strengths? What do you believe are your biggest weaknesses?

Once you, as a coaching client, and I are completely clear on where you are now and where you want to go, then together we create a plan to get you there as quickly and elegantly as possible. We put together plans to leverage your strengths and minimize the negative effects of your weaknesses. We put together plans and use powerful techniques to get you past whatever has been stopping you in the past. We are always focused on taking action, achieving results, being accountable to ourselves and to me, and most importantly, always having a great time…a blast along the way.

What does coaching with you cost? The investment required for coaching is highly variable based on the individual; some clients need only minimal support to achieve their goals, others may need much more assistance.  I have group coaching packages starting from as little as $200 per month. My average individual client pays significantly  more than this amount, especially during the first 3 months of coaching where we are learning so much together and beginning to create new life changing habits. I work with all clients on a prepaid basis.  Please call or email for more details.

Am you ready to consider coaching? I, Jack, love coaches and I love coaching. I owe most of what I have achieved so far to the wonderful coaches that have already been in my life. I am always personally working with coaches to enhance my strengths and to minimize the issues that may be caused by my weaknesses. You may already be manifesting all that you want in your life. Fantastic! But if you aren’t, and you are fed up and ready to really take the necessary steps to make your dreams into your everyday reality, then we should talk…confidentially of course!

Consultant: A Professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise. (from the Latin “consultare” means “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel)

I am an acknowledged expert in certain business fields and professions. I offer my services in these areas as a consultant and a coach. If a coach helps you to do what you already know that you should, a consultant tells you what you should consider doing and it is up to you to get yourself to do it. I operate as both a coach and a consultant in the following fields and professions:

(Detailed information about my expertise in each of these areas is or will soon be at the end of this section)

  • Successful Entrepreneurship: Getting going, getting sales, building a 100% referral business, foundational skills, effective networking, adding staff, working less, achieving more and loving the process!
  • Retail Store Operations and Management: Enhancing your stores’ results, Success as a Store Manager, Success as a District Manager, Transitioning from Field Operations to Corporate
  • Residential Real Estate: Building a marvelous Real Estate Practice, Success as a Managing Broker
  • Sales and Sales Management: Transforming your personal sales results, transforming the sales results of your team
  • Executive Search Firms: Starting them, growing them, loving them, selling them, success as a recruiter, success managing recruiters
  • Temporary Employment Firms: Starting them, growing them, managing them, loving them, selling them
  • Public Speaking: Getting started, getting better, getting free engagements, getting paid to speak, using public speaking to power and transform your business success
  • Job Hunting and Career Transition Services: Finding career coaching clients, nurturing clients, designing and building your optimal business
  • Business Leads Groups: Growing them, managing them, using them strategically as part of your own business growth plan
  • MLM or Network Marketing: Evaluating the opportunity, getting your customers, getting your reps, growing, nurturing, managing downlines, opportunity meetings that sizzle, going international