Business by Referral Part 10

“You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential, my young friend.” ~Star Trek: TNG “Evolution,” Dr. Paul Stubbs to Wesley Crusher, original airdate 25 September 1989, Stardate 43,125.8

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually be the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

Last time, I laid out a sample day of a business person that works by referral. The very first item on that list is starting everyday with some “Emotional Priming”. I am a big believer in this technique and I use it myself and recommend it to all of my seminar attendees and coaching clients.

Here is the basic idea: You will create a morning ritual that puts you in an ideal state for making the most of your day. Your ideal ritual will access the best of your own internal resources, emotional and physical, and put you in a great mental and physical place. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed and staying that way. No more good days and bad days. Instead, you can program yourself for more good days and more great days and more fantastic days. I’m not saying you will never have a bad day again – of course you might. But you can still feel better about those bad days, if they still happen, and still get more done with priming than you would have without it. This is a tool you deserve to have in your personal toolbox.

There are lots of ways to create great morning rituals. I have experimented with many different ways to access my own peak states on demand: affirmations, NLP generalization techniques, EFT and many others. Each of them has benefits and they vary widely in results and how easily that they can be used.

For the purposes of this book, I am going to explain in detail what I will call “reading response emotional priming”. In this technique, you read a series of carefully chosen words that are designed to invoke useful, ideally peak, emotional and physical responses in yourself. I will take credit for how I use this with my clients, but the technique draws upon work done by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their transformational technology of NLP, work by done the amazing and very talented Tony Robbins and writing and research done by the author and speaker Malcolm Gladwell.

So, emotional priming and business by referral – what do these have to do with each other? I will get into that more next time and give you a simple priming script that you can use begin to use immediately. (And you will feel the difference – you’re welcome!)

Till next time…Jack

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~Viktor Frankl

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Business by Referral Part 9

“When in doubt, don’t.” ~Benjamin Franklin

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually be the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

I want you to have a great life – an amazing life! Building and maintaining your business through referrals can be, and I believe should be, a big part of that amazing life. Since my coaching expertise also deals with deeper issues that I have seen remove the joy from countless clients, I am going to include training to help with that as well. With my book, and my long-awaited upcoming course, you will learn the inner and the outer skills for success.

I don’t want you to learn how to build a wonderful referral-based business but end up surrounded by success and unhappy like I did with my first business – unless you also have on your goals list the desire to really be like the earlier me and get super fat while simultaneously becoming heavily addicted to cigarettes!

This book will include a chapter, or at least a section of a chapter, talking about just how a day, and a week and even a year will look while owning, building and enjoying a business based on referrals.

Here are some of highlights that I will reveal in a typical day in the life of a referral marketer:

A Day In The Life of A Referral Marketer

• Starting your day with “Emotional Priming” – setting yourself up for feeling great and powerful
• Morning family time
• Reviewing Your Plan for the week, the month, the year and then the day
• Daily skills enhancement combined with daily health enhancement
• Breakfast or coffee with friends – strategic alliances – never eat alone!
• Client work AM – actually doing whatever it is that you do
• Taking calls from prospective clients referred to you
• Taking calls from clients looking to be referred to someone you know for a specific service
• Lunch with friends – strategic alliances – either lunch with a strategic partner or once per week with the marvelous leads group that you joined or created – never eat alone!
• Client work PM – actually doing whatever it is that you do
• Meeting with your Mastermind group – once per week – but I have put that in this sample day
• Meeting with strategic partners and potentially strategic partners
• Attending early evening networking event – to support and nurture multiple partners quickly and easily
• Speaking at a local chamber of commerce – for free – about something you are an expert at – I often do this at breakfast clubs, lunch and learn events and early evening events. I make more per hour from speaking for free at these kinds of events than almost anything else that I do!
• Evening time with family and friends
• Just before bed: “Evening Emotional Priming” – capturing your learning from the day, journaling, releasing any residual stress, priming yourself for a great and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Bye the way, for me, business should fund your life, not be your life. I want to have a great time while I am working, make lots of money and have lots of time off for enjoying that money. (I have so many hobbies and interests waiting for me!)

For my clients, at least those that are not part of very traditional companies, I ask them to consider getting to the place that they can work only 4 days per week and take a minimum of 6 weeks vacation per year. Building a business based on referrals, and all the benefits that come with that model, can help make that a reality. I have seen it happen time and time again.

Till next time…Jack

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“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” ~Shakespeare

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Business by Referral Part 8

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ~Robert Frost

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually be the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

Titles and Subtitles

I was thinking about titles and subtitles for this book about business by referral. I want to somehow express in the title and subtitle how well the process works and just how much fun it is. So, I decided to brainstorm some ideas here – this is after all a rough draft. I like something about each of these, but I haven’t yet fallen in love with any of them.

Some Potential Titles:
• Mastering the Art of Business by Referral
• Building Your 100% Referral Business
• The Business by Referral Revolution
• Creating Your 100% Referral Based Business
• Grow Your Business With Referrals
• The Business by Referral Mindset
• Unleash the Business by Referral Beast Inside You
• Becoming a Monster of Business by Referral
• The Business by Referral University

Some Potential Subtitles:
• Your #1 source for unlimited perfect clients
• Prequalified, presold and perfect
• How to have an absolute blast while getting your client calendar filled with your perfect customers
• Get fully booked with your ideal clients at full fees and love the process
• The best way to fill your practice and have fun all along the way
• The proven system to quickly get all the clients you can handle and having a blast along the way
I’ll revisit these titles and subtitles a few times during the course of writing this book and by the time the rough draft is done, I will have selected, perhaps with your help faithful readers, a winning pair of title and subtitle.

Till next time…Jack

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“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.” ~Richard Bach, Illusions

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Business by Referral Part 7

“Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.” ~Denis Waitley

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually become the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

I ended the last post talking about how in spite of being surrounded by financial success in my company, I had a really big problem – getting bigger by the day – and I did not know how to handle it.

Surrounded by Success and Miserable

So, what was my big problem? Stress and fear – like I had never experienced before. I had learned how to sell and I had learned how to teach others to sell and how to manage them. And I was really motivated to succeed. I was going to make my company a success or die trying. Looking back, those words came very close to coming true!

As I forced myself to sell, to set a great example for my salespeople and to achieve my financial goals, I became more and more stressed. I was terrified of rejection! Every time I picked up the phone to call another business, I had to fight myself to make it happen. Fear and stress were my constant companions and I compensated with the only tools that worked for me – food and cigarettes.

100 Pounds of Fat and 100 Cigarettes a Day

In just a couple of years, I took my company from startup to being a money-making machine. In the same time, I took myself from fit to one hundred pounds overweight and smoking one hundred cigarettes a day, just to get by.

Fear of rejection was killing me and I was masking my fear with food and cigarettes and it worked – for a time anyway. I don’t remember the day that I realized my success, at least the way that I was achieving it then, was going to kill me. But I did finally figure it out. After I figured that out, the next few years got really interesting:

• I sold my company allowing me to retire for nearly 10 years and follow my dreams.
• I decided that I would figure out how to get past the fear of rejection which led me to NLP – more about that later.
• I dedicated 2 years of my life to becoming a Master of NLP – which got me past the fear of rejection and became the basis of my future coaching work.
• I became fascinated with personal changework which led me to Tony Robbins and becoming one of his unpaid assistants. I cannot say enough good about Tony and what I learned from him.
• Along the way, and by working with thousands of clients, I discovered how to build businesses strictly by referral – bypassing rejection almost entirely!

So, like most struggles and problems, mine came bearing gifts in disguise. Oh, and I quit smoking 15 years ago and have never gone back – although I do sometimes dream of the nicotine gum that I used to help kick the habit. And the weight, well, that issue has had its ups and downs! I’ll talk more about that another time as well.

This I know: Master the art of building your business by referral, and you will not only have a wonderful, delightful and sustainable business, but you will not need to worry about the fear of rejection. Your future clients will seek you out and they are presold and ready to go!

I’ve got quotes from two of my heroes in this post. If you don’t know of these men, their lives and their accomplishments, you should fix that soon. Thoughts and ideas shared by Denis Waitley got me through college and Earl Nightingale’s personal work and the work shared with the world through his company helped me countless times over the years. Thanks and kudos to both!

Till next time…Jack

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“The key that unlocks energy is desire. It’s also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.” ~Earl Nightingale

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Business by Referral Part 6

“Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.” ~ A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I’ve already mentioned that when I first left the corporate world and started my own company that I rapidly discovered I was not naturally good at sales. In fact, I was bad at sales. I would have needed to improve just to be terrible! But I had desire – a burning motivation to succeed and I hated the idea of returning to the corporate world and I really hated the idea of someone else controlling my income.

I Was Determined to Master Selling or Die Trying!

Hoping for the best, I took a course through the Dale Carnegie organization on sales. This course was a real stretch for me and it made me a better salesperson – not great, but much improved. I decided that I had more to learn from Carnegie and I returned many times as an unpaid group leader, part-time in the evenings, and over time I helped to train many thousands of salespeople. This constant immersion in the world of sales rapidly improved my skills as a salesperson. In a relatively short period of time, I became pretty good at sales and I became really good, exceptional, at being a sales manager.

Things started to really work well at my company. I reached new personal sales goals each month and so did my salespeople. Everything should have been great. My company was making lots of money. My salespeople were making lots of money. But there was a big problem, and it was getting bigger day by day and I did not know how to handle it.

Next time I will explain how the “big problem” eventually ended up making me a “master’ of Business by Referral.

Till next time…Jack

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“Our worst misfortunes never happen, and most miseries lie in anticipation.” ~Honoré de Balzac

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Business by Referral Part 5

“A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.” ~Author Unknown

I have helped thousands of people to grow their businesses using referrals. Some I have worked with as a one-on-one coach. Others I have worked with in group settings or they have seen me speak on the topic. This book is the distillation of the best from my client work and my seminars. Here is a draft of the chapters that I intend to include:

The 1st Draft on the Chapters in My Book on Business by Referral

• What You Are Going For – A glorious year doing business by referral
• Get Committed – to business excellence, to ongoing professional growth, to doing business by referral whenever possible
• Get Clear – who is your ideal client now and who will be your ideal client in the future
• Get Visible – creating your basic collateral marketing materials for doing business by referral
• Get Connected – creating your strategic alliances
• Get Guided – creating your Mastermind group, your personal board of directors
• Advanced topics
• Resources

Come back soon. I want to save you time and money and show you how to begin using the single most fun, delight, satisfying and deeply gratifying business model that I know.

Till next time…Jack

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“Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.” ~Author Unknown

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Business by Referral Part 4

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

Who is this book for?

As I am writing this, I am making a picture of my ideal reader. I am imagining the person that will be drawn to this book and read it. But much more than read it, I am imagining a person that then becomes excited about the possibilities for themselves and the people that matter to them – excited enough to follow thru and take action!

Is this you?
• You provide a service of some kind.
• You are good at what you do, maybe great.
• Your business is not doing all that you had hoped.
• You have struggled to find the keys that would unlock the doors leading to making serious money.
• You are willing to work hard – more importantly you are willing to work smart!
• You are willing to learn – eager to learn!

This book is written primarily for service businesses and quality driven service professionals of all kinds. I have seen my techniques work beautifully for:

Mortgage brokers
Massage therapists
Accountants and bookkeepers
Insurance brokers
Virtual assistants
Personal trainers
Sales professionals of all kinds
Website designers

This is just a partial list of professions that can, and I believe should, focus on building a referral based business.

I have also seen these techniques work for businesses ranging from small specialty manufacturers to wineries and every type of company in between. I cannot think of a type of business that wouldn’t benefit from thinking in terms of referrals. Still, my techniques work the very best with quality-focused professionals providing a service and for them; building a 100% referral business is a real possibility. I have seen it happen time and time again.

Come back soon and let’s continue to learn together – your future is calling!

Till next time…Jack

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“That is the exploration that awaits you! Not mapping stars and studying nebula, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.” ~Leonard Nimoy

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Business by Referral Part 3

What Does a 100% Referral Based Business Look Like?

“The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” ~1986 song from Timbuk3

In my coaching, I always start by getting my clients and myself to create a clear picture of what change they want to achieve. In other words, I want us to begin our work together knowing, as best we can, exactly what we are going for. Then my job, as a coach, is to help them get their desired result as quickly, and elegantly, and pleasurably as possible. I want my clients to achieve their goals – and have a great time – a blast – along the way.

In this book, this long series of articles that will become my book on Building a 100% Referral Business, I am going for that as well. I want us, you my client, and me your coach, to have a really clear picture of the outcome that we are going to work together to achieve. Here is a snapshot – a tasty picture to get your mouth watering:

Highlights of a 100% Referral Based Business

• You and your company charge at the higher end for your services and your clients are happy to pay it.
• Every client that you work with is your ideal client – happy with your services, happy with what they are paying, happy with what you know and do.
• Because every client you work with is your ideal client, working with your clients is more like fun than work – you love doing your job!
• Your marketing efforts revolve around identifying and forming deep and meaningful relationships with key individuals – your strategic partners.
• Your marketing efforts end up “forcing” you to spend quality time with your closest business friends – hanging out with your friends is your marketing.
• You as an individual and your company are 100% dedicated to operating by the “Platinum” Rule – you provide the absolute best in just the ways that your ideal clients want to be served.
• You have a trusted group of advisors – a marvelous board of directors that costs you nothing except your involvement and your commitment to excellence.
• You and your company are totally dedicated to excellence – you are the best at what you do and you do the needed work daily to stay that way.
• You make lots of money each year, with ample time off for vacations and time with family and friends.
• Prospects wanting to be your future clients come to you pre-qualified – when you meet with a potential client, they already know a great deal about you and what you do and what you charge.
• Prospects wanting to be your future clients come to you presold – they are relatively price insensitive and are looking for quality.
• You have a waiting list of people wanting to work with you.
• Your work truly has become like play – your business life is fun, financially rewarding, low stress and provides ample money and the time off to enjoy it – your work funds your life, but isn’t your life.

Does your business look like that? Probably not, but it could! How would it feel if it did? Let’s get going – your future is calling!

Till next time…Jack
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“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” ~Thomas Aquinas

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Business by Referral Part 2

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” ~African Proverb

I’m going to answer a couple of question in this entry.

Who am I – who is Jack Bergstrom?
Why should you care – why should you listen to what I have to say about Business by Referral?

Who am I?  I make my living as an Executive, Business and Life Coach, as a Speaker and Seminar Leader, and soon as an Author. (I’ve capitalized those as I would on my business card.) I’ve been a coach and speaker for quite a while now.

Why might you consider listening to me? – a Snapshot of my Credentials:
• Business, Executive and Life Coach since 1989
• Worked with more than 300 of the Fortune 500 Companies coaching executives
• Conducted more than 20,000 one-on-one coaching sessions
• Public Speaker and Seminar Leader since 1990
• Has presented sales and business growth talks to more than 100,000 people
• NLP Practitioner – NLP Comprehensive Alumnus
• Former Assistant (minion) to Anthony Robbins (part-time and unpaid) The second best unpaid job I ever had!
• Eight years with Dale Carnegie training salespeople (part-time and unpaid) The best unpaid job I ever had!
• Coaches Training Institute Alumnus
• I sold my first business while I was still in my early 30s and retired for nearly ten years giving me the time and the money freedom to pursue my passions.

My apologies if any of this seems like bragging. It may. It does feel a bit like that to me as well, but it is my background and I worked hard to build it. Basically, I just want you to feel comfortable that I might know enough about sales – specifically sales from Business by Referral that you should take me seriously.

I have also made mistakes! Huge ones! Horrible ones! Lucky to have lived thru them mistakes. Some of these are pretty fun to talk about and sometime I will. For now, know that I did my best to learn from my mistakes and I bring the best of what I learned to my trainings.

Let me end this entry with this – when I started out, I was terrible at sales – horrible at sales! I certainly would have been a contender for the least naturally gifted salesperson of the year – had such a contest existed.

Till next time…Jack

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” ~Walt Disney

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Business by Referral Part 1

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  ~Francis of Assisi

This is the first entry in what will become a book about building a business that is based on referrals.  I love doing business by referral – it is my absolute favorite way to receive a new client.  It is also a joy of mine to connect someone that needs something, a potential client, with someone that does a great job providing the very thing that they need!  This is the essence of doing business by referral.  Your perfect clients come to you pre-qualified and pre-sold as a referral from someone else that:

  • Likes you and your work
  • Trusts you and knows that you will do a great job
  • Knows that you will make them look great for referring to you

Done properly, business by referral is so wonderful!

  • You only work with your ideal clients!
  • You never have to argue about your fees – you charge at the top end of your industry average and people are delighted to pay it!
  • Your marketing efforts revolve around forming deep meaningful relationships with other like-minded people!
  • Your business is fully booked and stays that way – often with a waiting list of people ready to be your next client!

Business by referral works in every industry.  It works in every country.  It works in every language.  I am convinced beyond any possible doubt that Business by Referral is the best way to grow a business and the best way to run a sustainable fully booked business.

Come back and visit with me often.  I will be updating this site frequently now and I wouldn’t want you to miss something that could help you.

I don’t know you yet.  I don’t know what kind of business you are in.  And you don’t know me yet.  Let’s change that.  Next time I will start to talk about my background and how I became so interested in, and a master of, business by referral.

By the way, I love quotes.  I think that you can learn a lot about someone by the kinds of quotes that they like to read.  Expect to see lots of quotes in my updates and in my work as a whole.  Here is a quote from me: “Let the quotes sing their magic to you – they are the distilled essence of genius.”

Another from me – and my tagline…”Haven’t Your Dreams Waited Long Enough?”  – Jack Bergstrom (American born Coach, Speaker, Author)

And finally…“He that waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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