“After being blessed with numerous mentors over my life, I have had the great opportunity to work with Jack.  The greatest gift I have received is a sense of permanent support.  When I feel alone or need guidance in the business arena, I know Jack is only a call away with his words of wisdom.  Jack also brings out my sense of humor when I think it is lost.  Additionally, he has helped me to adopt effective and enjoyable business practices that are in line with my natural approaches.  I have never had more fun, in business, than I have had in this coaching partnership with Jack.  I look forward to many fruitful years working with Jack.

Dana Harden
UFirst Financial Agent and
Owner: The House Doctor Inc.


Dave Sakamoto

“I highly recommend these business related talks that Jack Bergstrom puts on.He’s made networking a fun event where I know what to do and not feel lost.”

Dave Sakamoto CPA, MBA
President, Info On The Web


Paul B.

“I have attended many of Jack’s seminars as well as learned from him as a coach. His calm demeanor creates trust easily and, I know from personal experience that, when he believes in you, he will work hard to help instill within you the tools needed to attain your goals. I highly recommend Jack to anyone who needs help igniting that spark within.”

Paul Burnstein, President
Peak Business Group, LLC


B Thilmont

“Jack is an excellent resource in helping you to develop a referral based business. He has the ability to combine creative strategy with practical business etiquette principles to allow you to grow your business.”

Bob Thilmont BSME MBA
President, Mountain Global Inc.



“I have heard Jack speak several times and have enjoyed his material each time. At every seminar I’ve attended I have been able to take with me at least 1 item that I can use to improve myself and/or my business. Well worth the time.”

M. Shannon Lunsford, CFP®
Lunsford Financial Planning, Inc.


Daksha Picture

Jack is full of knowledge. He gives you insights that leave you wanting to spend more time with him! His seminars are excellent.

Daksha Archer
Independent Marketing Executive Melaleuca