Case Studies

“We will either find a way, or make one.” ~Hannibal

These are actual case studies of former or current clients of mine. Enough details have been changed or deleted to ensure that the client companies or individuals cannot be identified and confidentiality is maintained. The core facts, issues and results are just as they occurred. These case studies are designed to give you more of an idea of the kinds of work that I do, the kinds of issues that I successfully address and the kinds and levels of results that you can expect should we work together.

Mastermind Group Case Studies: I love MasterMind Groups! I have been studying them for many years and I am an expert in building MasterMind Groups and then using them to rapidly achieve extraordinary results for the members of the group. The group that we are going to study here has been in existence for just over 4 years as I write this. I was approached by 3 solo entrepreneurs and asked by them to help form and then run and optimize a MasterMind group. One of them had seen me speak about MasterMind groups at a seminar and had been impressed enough with what he heard to convince the other 2 to hire me. Since there were 3 of them, the individual investment in my hourly rate was quite reasonable indeed.

We worked together to determine the initial goals of the group: These turned out to be 1) massive income 2) greater personal freedom and 3) reduced hours worked each week. Then we put together a recruiting plan and interviewed and recruited appropriate high performance and strategically determined group members. Once the group was formed, and after the initial learning curve, we then worked to really maximize the results that the group was able to bring back to the individual members.

I worked with this group very closely as a member for the first year, and then I have worked with them as a consultant on a quarterly basis for 3 more years. The results are extremely exciting. When I started working with these entrepreneurs they all were very close to each other in these 3 categories: 1) They worked for and by themselves…they had no employees. 2) They worked an average of 60 hours per week apiece. 3) They earned an average of $85,000 per year. This income figure, by the way, was considered good, but not great in their market.

What were the results after 4 years? 1) They had an average of 3 employees…these employees provided some of the freedom that they were looking for. 2) They worked an average of 45 hours per week…still more than I would want for them, but I can’t get them to agree to work less yet and 3) They earn, even with the employees and increased overhead, an average of $195,000 per year. These are great results by any standards that I know of and are very representative of the kinds and levels of results that I expect and achieve from the MasterMind Groups that I help to create. How about you? Are you using a well conceived and well run MasterMind Group as part of your success plan? If you aren’t, then you are neglecting one of the single most effective and satisfying techniques for achieving your business and personal goals.


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Stories of the “Ones that got away”

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“Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!” ~Andrew Carnegie