Business by Referral Part 9

“When in doubt, don’t.” ~Benjamin Franklin

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually be the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

I want you to have a great life – an amazing life! Building and maintaining your business through referrals can be, and I believe should be, a big part of that amazing life. Since my coaching expertise also deals with deeper issues that I have seen remove the joy from countless clients, I am going to include training to help with that as well. With my book, and my long-awaited upcoming course, you will learn the inner and the outer skills for success.

I don’t want you to learn how to build a wonderful referral-based business but end up surrounded by success and unhappy like I did with my first business – unless you also have on your goals list the desire to really be like the earlier me and get super fat while simultaneously becoming heavily addicted to cigarettes!

This book will include a chapter, or at least a section of a chapter, talking about just how a day, and a week and even a year will look while owning, building and enjoying a business based on referrals.

Here are some of highlights that I will reveal in a typical day in the life of a referral marketer:

A Day In The Life of A Referral Marketer

• Starting your day with “Emotional Priming” – setting yourself up for feeling great and powerful
• Morning family time
• Reviewing Your Plan for the week, the month, the year and then the day
• Daily skills enhancement combined with daily health enhancement
• Breakfast or coffee with friends – strategic alliances – never eat alone!
• Client work AM – actually doing whatever it is that you do
• Taking calls from prospective clients referred to you
• Taking calls from clients looking to be referred to someone you know for a specific service
• Lunch with friends – strategic alliances – either lunch with a strategic partner or once per week with the marvelous leads group that you joined or created – never eat alone!
• Client work PM – actually doing whatever it is that you do
• Meeting with your Mastermind group – once per week – but I have put that in this sample day
• Meeting with strategic partners and potentially strategic partners
• Attending early evening networking event – to support and nurture multiple partners quickly and easily
• Speaking at a local chamber of commerce – for free – about something you are an expert at – I often do this at breakfast clubs, lunch and learn events and early evening events. I make more per hour from speaking for free at these kinds of events than almost anything else that I do!
• Evening time with family and friends
• Just before bed: “Evening Emotional Priming” – capturing your learning from the day, journaling, releasing any residual stress, priming yourself for a great and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Bye the way, for me, business should fund your life, not be your life. I want to have a great time while I am working, make lots of money and have lots of time off for enjoying that money. (I have so many hobbies and interests waiting for me!)

For my clients, at least those that are not part of very traditional companies, I ask them to consider getting to the place that they can work only 4 days per week and take a minimum of 6 weeks vacation per year. Building a business based on referrals, and all the benefits that come with that model, can help make that a reality. I have seen it happen time and time again.

Till next time…Jack

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“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” ~Shakespeare

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