Business by Referral Part 8

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ~Robert Frost

This is part of long series of articles that will eventually be the rough draft of my book tentatively titled “Building Your 100% Referral Business”. You can go to the start of the series here: “Business by Referral Part 1”

Titles and Subtitles

I was thinking about titles and subtitles for this book about business by referral. I want to somehow express in the title and subtitle how well the process works and just how much fun it is. So, I decided to brainstorm some ideas here – this is after all a rough draft. I like something about each of these, but I haven’t yet fallen in love with any of them.

Some Potential Titles:
• Mastering the Art of Business by Referral
• Building Your 100% Referral Business
• The Business by Referral Revolution
• Creating Your 100% Referral Based Business
• Grow Your Business With Referrals
• The Business by Referral Mindset
• Unleash the Business by Referral Beast Inside You
• Becoming a Monster of Business by Referral
• The Business by Referral University

Some Potential Subtitles:
• Your #1 source for unlimited perfect clients
• Prequalified, presold and perfect
• How to have an absolute blast while getting your client calendar filled with your perfect customers
• Get fully booked with your ideal clients at full fees and love the process
• The best way to fill your practice and have fun all along the way
• The proven system to quickly get all the clients you can handle and having a blast along the way
I’ll revisit these titles and subtitles a few times during the course of writing this book and by the time the rough draft is done, I will have selected, perhaps with your help faithful readers, a winning pair of title and subtitle.

Till next time…Jack

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“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.” ~Richard Bach, Illusions

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