Business by Referral Part 3

What Does a 100% Referral Based Business Look Like?

“The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” ~1986 song from Timbuk3

In my coaching, I always start by getting my clients and myself to create a clear picture of what change they want to achieve. In other words, I want us to begin our work together knowing, as best we can, exactly what we are going for. Then my job, as a coach, is to help them get their desired result as quickly, and elegantly, and pleasurably as possible. I want my clients to achieve their goals – and have a great time – a blast – along the way.

In this book, this long series of articles that will become my book on Building a 100% Referral Business, I am going for that as well. I want us, you my client, and me your coach, to have a really clear picture of the outcome that we are going to work together to achieve. Here is a snapshot – a tasty picture to get your mouth watering:

Highlights of a 100% Referral Based Business

• You and your company charge at the higher end for your services and your clients are happy to pay it.
• Every client that you work with is your ideal client – happy with your services, happy with what they are paying, happy with what you know and do.
• Because every client you work with is your ideal client, working with your clients is more like fun than work – you love doing your job!
• Your marketing efforts revolve around identifying and forming deep and meaningful relationships with key individuals – your strategic partners.
• Your marketing efforts end up “forcing” you to spend quality time with your closest business friends – hanging out with your friends is your marketing.
• You as an individual and your company are 100% dedicated to operating by the “Platinum” Rule – you provide the absolute best in just the ways that your ideal clients want to be served.
• You have a trusted group of advisors – a marvelous board of directors that costs you nothing except your involvement and your commitment to excellence.
• You and your company are totally dedicated to excellence – you are the best at what you do and you do the needed work daily to stay that way.
• You make lots of money each year, with ample time off for vacations and time with family and friends.
• Prospects wanting to be your future clients come to you pre-qualified – when you meet with a potential client, they already know a great deal about you and what you do and what you charge.
• Prospects wanting to be your future clients come to you presold – they are relatively price insensitive and are looking for quality.
• You have a waiting list of people wanting to work with you.
• Your work truly has become like play – your business life is fun, financially rewarding, low stress and provides ample money and the time off to enjoy it – your work funds your life, but isn’t your life.

Does your business look like that? Probably not, but it could! How would it feel if it did? Let’s get going – your future is calling!

Till next time…Jack
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“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” ~Thomas Aquinas

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