“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself.” ~Alan Alda

I have been ill again – terribly ill and only able to function at the most trivial levels for nearly three weeks.  This illness, this being unwell, has been a recurring event in my life, really for a significant portion of the last seven years.  In many ways, it feels like being ill, or operating at well under my former energy levels, has been the defining state of the previous stage of my life.  I say previous because I know that I am beginning the next stage of my life and this new stage, this stage that is being born now, is about very different things.

I am not completely sure what the stage of my life that is now ending was all about, but I do know some.  I did lots of things.  I learned lots of things.  I had successes and I had lots of things that turned out very differently than I hoped.  I know that during these years I learned what my calling is for the next stage of my life:  I am, and am meant to be, a writer, a business and executive coach and a seminar leader.  This wasn’t clear at the beginning of this stage – seven years ago I was returning to the working world after a nearly ten year retirement and I was very unclear about the next focus of my life’s work.

I had always been a big risk-taker.  Following my intuition, leaping and then having faith that I could find a way to make it work – this had been my pattern and a driving force behind why I was able to be retired at such an early age.  I had found the ways to make it work and my intuition is usually right.  (It is sometimes hard to tell my intuition from fear or from unrealized dreams of my parents, but if I get quiet and honest, I can tell.)  I had always been a very quick learner and I came into this world with a great toolbox of skills – although I have always achieved a great deal compared to many others – compared to my abilities – I have been in the past one of the great underachievers of the past fifty years.

I’m not going to go over at this time the details of how I learned my calling; that might be fun to talk about some other time though.  I am going to talk just a bit more about being ill.  Why was I ill so much?

  • I didn’t make being vibrantly healthy a priority and
  • being sick stopped me from taking too many risks and starting too many projects.

I think it is as simple as that.  When I honestly look at the past seven years and ask myself:

  • What could I have done differently that would have drastically increased my health?
  • Did I gain anything by being sick or unwell so much of the time?

Then I get the answers from above.  I didn’t make health a priority and I needed to learn focus and a bit of conservatism in my choices.  So have I learned?  Perhaps not quite, but I am close.  If my calling, what I am supposed to be doing right now is to be a writer, a business and executive coach and a seminar leader and I leave it there, then I have not learned.  My body is aging and needs to become a priority – every single day.

Now I will think of myself as:

  1. A Peak Performance Athlete
  2. A Writer
  3. A Business and Executive Coach
  4. A Seminar Leader

Will this change be en0ugh?  As long as action follows intention then yes it will.  Come along for the ride and let’s find out together.  It’s not always easy being born – I may yell sometimes and make some messes; still my new life is out there and I want to live it!

For those of you waiting for me to finish talking about some great topics that I started and never finished, thank you for your patience!  The rest is coming.

Till next time…Jack

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~Buddha