“No matter where you go, there you are” ~Buckaroo Banzai (and many others!  Follow this link to learn more about this great quote)

We have been moving into a new home, new to us anyway, for the past week or so.  There are still lots of smaller things to take from the old house and lots to organize.  My home office for example is going to be really great and I am putting significant energy into its design and layout.  I want a space that really supports me – when I am not traveling I spend much of my working time in my home office – and I want to feel great and empowered as soon as I walk in the door.  To support this goal, I am buying new shelves for my books, my great and lifelong friends, and I will finally have room for a large work table near these racks of books.  This part of my office will look and feel much like a library and I love libraries!

The Common Problem with Starting Over

I have moved many times in my life and most times the moves had one common issue – I always brought me – with my various problems and less than optimal habits right along with me!  I thought this time I would do something very different.  I am going to use this move as an opportunity of leaving some old habits behind and beginning some new more empowering habits.  How am I go to do this?  I am going to use ritual and visualization and evoking memories of past times of change.  I think I will invest the next few blog entries covering how I do this and how you might do the same – whether or not you are moving at all!

Come back next time and see more about how to create and effectively use your own “Ritual of Starting Over”.

Till next time faithful reader…Jack

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~Milton Berle