“Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am going to share with you, my faithful readers, a great goal to consider: How about setting a goal to make $250 dollars per month from your online business?  How does that goal sound?  Does it sound small?  I hope so – I want it to sound small and achievable – doable, and yet there is a great reason why to choose this goal for your Internet business.

(Now, I know that many of my readers are not based in the United States and $250 USA dollars may not have any meaning for you.  Let me try to find kind of a way to translate this into virtually any kind of money:  In the USA, the minimum wage for most workers is around $7.00 per hour.  At $7.00 per hour, $250 dollars equals about 36 hours of work – nearly a full work-week of 40 hours here.  $7.00 per hour is the kind of wage that most people right out of high school will probably start at – without any particular speciality skills.  So for you, whatever someone working an entry level job for 36 hours can expect to earn – that should be your initial monthly monetary goal.  Does that make sense?)

Now, why $250 dollars per month? In study after study of families and individuals in the United States that end up declaring bankruptcy or become financially insolvent, the amount that they are short each and every month that finally builds and destroys their finances and credit, is around $250 per month.  Interesting huh?  For the vast majority of people, if they had a consistent additional  $250 dollars per month of income, they could stay afloat financially.  That is a great goal and a great starting place!

Now I know that the Internet is full of get rich quick schemes and some of these might even be real – let me repeat the might.  Most of them are not real or they are certainly not sustainable.  What I want you to consider is getting to a real and consistent and sustainable additional $250 per month from your Internet business.  (If you are already way past this amount, and I know that some of you are, then consider what I talk about here from the standpoint of making your income more consistent and more sustainable.  From past experience income that rapidly builds without a solid foundation can also rapidly decrease and that is no fun!)

There is another great reason to choose $250 dollars per month (or your local equivalent) from your online business as a great starting place.  Once you are making a consistent $250 per month, you will have already built a great foundation that will let you move up rapidly  and consistently from there.  How long will this take?  Come back next time and we’ll talk about that.

By the way, I have also set this goal for myself.  Although I already make much more than this amount from my blog – in terms of getting hired to speak and coach, I do not currently make any income from my blog from product sales – so that is my initial goal – to make a consistent $250 each and every month from product sales and together, we will go over every step to make this happen.

Till next time…Jack

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” ~John Quincy Adams