“Talk doesn’t cook rice.” ~Chinese Proverb

Now that you have a great motivating vision for the coming year, it is time to write your longer term vision – a vision that talks about what you life is going to be about for the next five to fifty years.  It was important to get the smaller vision, the one year vision, down on paper and learn the process before beginning the bigger vision.

Remember all of those goals that you wrote down that talked about things more than one year in the future?  Keep this list, I would recommend forever, and use it to create a vision for the next ten years.  Ten years is a great length of time to consider for your next vision.  Here you can dream the really big dreams – and have the time to make them happen.  Most people, myself included, will tend to overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and massively underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade.  In ten years, you can do almost anything that you desire.  Your homework for this – build a ten year vision.  Go through the exact same steps that I showed you for a one year vision.  There is tremendous power in a one year vision combined with a ten year vision and I think you deserve to have this energy at your command.

Creating a Shared Vision with Partners or a Team:

How do you create a shared vision with a life or business partner or a team of individuals?  You do it the same basic way that you created your personal vision – by starting with unlimited dreaming and working down to the five most important goals for the coming year.  This is a wonderful exercise to do with your team or your life or business partner.  In my many years of consulting and coaching, it is extremely rare that I see this actually done and that is a shame.   Yes, it takes time – a significant amount of time if more than a few individuals are involved.  But you get so much for the invested time!

  1. You find out what others really want and incorporate these things when possible
  2. You get rid of hidden agendas that can waste so much time
  3. You end up with everyone working towards the same goals and knowing why
  4. You end up with a highly and personally motivated team
  5. You handle problems, concerns and mixed goals upfront – before you waste lots of time and money
  6. You get more ideas – more feedback – more information that can make the vision even more powerful

Action.  Ultimately, you create a vision to help you take action.  Without action nothing happens.  Without a vision to guide and power that action, you waste time and money taking the wrong actions.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series on creating a vision and I hope you use it.  I will end this series of articles with a question that I asked myself years ago and it is still motivating: “Haven’t Your Dreams Waited Long Enough?”

Till next time…Jack

“We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.” ~Calvin Coolidge