vision: noun – the ability to see or a vivid mental image produced by the imagination or great perception of future developments

So, how did it go creating your vision of the future based on your top five goals for the next twelve months?  Do you get excited when you read your vision?  Does it feel great when you imagine yourself in the vision – in the time when these five goals are now your reality?  If it doesn’t then go rewrite your vision until you absolutely love how it sounds and feels and you can’t wait to make it happen.

Now, here is your first assignment with your vision – tape record it on to a small portable recorder.  If you don’t have a small digital recorder, then go get one.  They are a marvelous tool for personal development.  Once you have your vision tape recorded then I want you to start to listen to it at least twice per day.  Listen to it first thing in the morning.  Listen to it just before you go to bed a night.  Each time that you listen to your vision, make it even more real for yourself – really be there.  You will almost certainly find that you can enhance your vision quite a bit a first; you will be able to add details that make it even more compelling.  This is a very good thing.  A compelling vision makes it easy to take the necessary action to make that vision become real.

In the next entry, I will talk a bit about using your newly created vision to stay motivated and on track for achieving your goals.  Later in this series I will talk about creating visions with business partners and also problems that I commonly see with visions.  I also want to give you a sample of my vision – my vision for the next twelve months and my vision for the next ten years.

Till next time…Jack

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” ~Louisa May Alcott