“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”  ~Author Unknown

I was thinking about motivation today. I was thinking about why I do the things that I do and what keeps me going; I was especially thinking about what keeps me going when things get tough. I do have many very useful beliefs about what things mean and these beliefs certainly help me, but there is quite a bit more going on than that. Many years ago I was introduced to the idea of keeping a dreams book. Basically this is book where you put pictures and ideas about the life you are going to build; pictures and ideas about the things that you want to create and the things that you want to experience. I have been keeping my dreams book now, stuffed full of pictures and ideas, for nearly 30 years and it has made a difference; it has made a big difference.

I will talk in detail about how to create a dreams book in another entry and I will also talk about why a dreams book works and how to use it. For tonight though, I was trying to think about what single image, what single picture that I could find, gave me the greatest motivation. And here it is:

The Sisters 2.08.08

These are my two daughters, Erika the elder and Mary the younger, born of different mothers, born into very different times in my life. To me, these two young people represent, in one picture, why I want to achieve so much in the balance of my life. And not just achievement; I want to model for my daughters fantastic achievement from a place of joy and balance and love. It’s interesting but when I find myself flagging, or procrastinating, all I need to do is remember my daughters and that they are depending upon me and that is all the motivation that I need.

Sure, there are tons of other things that also are very motivating to me…my dreams book is full of them and I am grateful for all of these dreams and I intend to manifest as many of them as I can. Even so, for me, the commitment that I made to each of my daughters when they were born is what keeps me going. How about you? What are your most motivating dreams and what do you do to keep in touch with your “Why”?

“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?” ~Anthony Robbins